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Test And Tag Banyo

Do you own your own business and need to get your electrical appliances tested & tagged?

Don’t stress, call Express Test & Tag Banyo.

Did you know that according to Australian Safety Standards AS/NZS3760:2010 it is the responsibility of the employer, self-employed person or individual in charge of the workplace to maintain a safe working environment for employees? This includes testing and tagging electrical appliances to ensure they are safe from danger.

All portable electrical appliances are required to be tested at intervals to ensure ‘user’ safety and also to ensure they are compliant with Workplace Health and Safety Regulations. Appliances which are not current in their inspection and testing requirements may compromise insurance claims if found to have been the cause of injury or incidents in the workplace.

Don’t take the risk. Ensure your business is safe and compliant with electrical safety standards.

Express Test & Tag Banyo are a team of fully trained testing and tagging professionals that aim to keep your business up to date with industry safety standards. Our friendly operators understand that each business has individual needs so we offer after hours appointments to maximise efficiency whilst minimising disruption to the day to day operations of your business.

The testing and tagging procedure will consist of:

Visual Inspection –

Where the technician will pick up any defaults that you can see, such as broken cords, overheating or non-conforming changes to the cord or plug.

Electrical Testing-

Using a Portable Appliance Tester to assess if there are any defaults or hazards not visible to the naked eye.

Tagging of items-

The technician will then tag the item with a coloured tag that will indicate if the item has passed or failed the test.

Recording the data-

The technician will provide a detailed log of all items that have been inspected and will forward the results of the test to the customer.

You can also expect a notification of compliance form with the test that will provide an overview of the testing performed. These forms are often requested by insurance companies as proof that testing has been completed.


Express Test & Tag Banyo are a cost effective, simple and reliable control measure for risks associated with electrical hazards in the workplace or at home. At Express Test & Tag Banyo, we are reliable, and will always arrive at the job with a clean uniform and a smile. Our competitive rates mean you will get the highest quality service at a great price with no added worry about re-testing your equipment because we will remind you when it is due! Our operators are professionally trained, fully licenced, have complete police checks, working with children and white card checked, so you can have peace of mind Express can come to you at any location and complete the job in a prompt and professional manner.