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Test and Tag Beaudesert

Express Test and Tag Beaudesert will come to your workplace and Test and Tag portable single phase (240 volts) electrical appliances to the Australian Standards AS/NZ3760:2013 which is a requirement under Occupational Health and Safety Regulations for all businesses and workplaces.

Electrical safety and regular inspections of your electrical tools, appliances, power leads, extension leads and all other work place and home electrical equipment are not to be taken lightly. Each year in Australia there are dozens of workplace related deaths caused by electrocution and many more serious injuries or destructive fires. The more shocking stats are for the home. Most of these could have been prevented with regular test and tag inspections.

Eliminate the risk of electrical hazards before they become fatal.

Express Test and Tag Beaudesert offers you:

  • Visual and defect check using one of the latest portable appliance testers.
  • Microwave radiation leakage testing.
  • Printers, fax machines and copiers
  • Extension leads and power boards
  • Electric power tools, vacuum cleaners
  • Portable air conditioners
  • Earth Continuity, Insulation Resistance, Polarity, and Current Leakage tests are performed.
  • Portable RCD (Residual Current Device) testing and recording of trip times.
  • We provide a detailed report of the appliances tested and the results obtained.
  • Tagging of all appliances and leads with next due dates.
  • Anniversary Date follow up reminders by phone, email, or texts to ensure that you remain compliant.