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Test And Tag Bibra Lake

Testing & tagging should be taken very seriously.

Electric shock from dangerous electrical goods can cause a fire which can have fatal consequences.

Don’t risk it! Express Test and Tag Bibra Lake can give you peace of mind for all your electricals!

You could find yourself liable for damages if you don’t get your office tested and tagged.

Are you currently:

The owner of the premises

The owner of the business

The manager of the business

The owner of electrical equipment

The person who is legally responsibility for the Work Health & Safety of the electrical equipment, regulations AS/NZS 3760

Not Testing and Tagging your electricals could mean you don’t get insurance, or could be up for large sums of money or even jail time.

You don’t need that extra stress; call Express Test and Tag Bibra Lake and Express Test and Tag Bibra Lake can take care of your electricals.