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Test And Tag Braeside

Hi We are from Express Test and Tag Braeside and we offer a professional electrical Test and Tag service that comes to you.
Our service provides you with a visual and defect checks on all your electrical appliances, thus keeping your employees safe from electrical hazards and your company compliant to Australian Standards AS/NZS 3760:2010.

We are nationally accredited and licensed technicians. We keep to professional, compliant Australian standards. We have exceptional attention to detail and provide a top quality, professional service. We have many years of experience in the electronics and electrical industry. We are honest, reliable and fully insured.
For your convenience we offer our services outside of office hours if required

Express Test and Tag Braeside offers the following services:

  • Earth leakage test.
  • PC, Monitors, laptops, printers and faxes.
  • Portable RCDs,
  • 220-250v testing of equipment.
  • Electric power tools and forklift chargers.
  • Extension leads, power boards testing and replacement.
  • Microwave leakage testing

Every new customer gets a Free microwave leakage test or free earth leakage test when you book for testing over 100 tags.

Our customers always come first and every customer of ours is guaranteed 100% satisfaction.
Express Test and Tag Braeside also operating in the surrounding areas.
Our phone number is 1300397737

These are real issues that we found when checking different clients premises. They had no idea that these were like this all of these things could have seriously injured the people concerned

Have a look at this power board

It was turned on under a desk in an office. It was boiling hot to touch. If it was burning on the outside how much had it burnt on the inside? How close was it to catch fire?