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Test And Tag Derrimut

Welcome to Express test and Tag Derrimut!

We provide visual and defect checks to all your electrical appliances to keep you and your employees safe!

We are local operators with a great database of satisfied customers. We use all the latest equipment and technology in testing your equipment to ensure it meets the safety standards and is safe for everyone to use. We are available afterhours for your convenience.

Express Test and Tag Derrimut specialise in the testing and tagging of your electronic appliances for commercial and residential use. As prescribed by workplace and occupational health and safety regulations, the person in control of a workplace or with access to that workplace, i.e employer, self employed person or main contractor should ensure that the plug-in electrical equipment and residual current devices (RCD’s) are safe and have been tested.

We test all electrical appliances including microwaves, computers, monitors and more.