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Test and Tag Hawthorn

Hi I am Dave your local Test and Tag specialist operating in the Dandenong South and surrounding areas.

Are you meeting the current Legislation?

The Victorian OH&S Act 2004 state that an employer must provide and maintain an environment that is without risk to employees, contractors and visitors.

At Express Test and Tag Hawthorn we take the testing of all your electrical equipment very seriously. We pride ourselves doing the job right the first time, on time, at a reasonable price and will fit in and around your business requirements.

We cater for the big sites (3000 Tags and more) all the way down to the very small jobs (1 Tag). NO site is too big or too small.

What is Test and Tag?

In a commercial environment all electrical leads, computers, machinery, drills, saws, fridges, kettles, Microwaves, ETC have to be tested to the Australian Standards. (AS/NZ 3760:2010) The testing of this equipment can only be completed by a suitably qualified person. All electrical appliances are comprehensively tested using a portable appliance tester (P.A.T.) to check Earth continuity, Voltage leakage, Polarity and Insulation. Once the unit passes the entire test it is then fitted with a tag showing the details of the unit as well as the test date and the date for the next test.

At Express Test and Tag Hawthorn, as part of the service to you we provide you a report that shows the status of your electrical equipment. We can also provide you with a very detailed report which can also be used an Asset Management Register.                                               

  1. Free Microwave testing for all new clients.
  2. Free Power Board for all new clients.

Express Test and Tag Hawthorn is available to service Dandenong South, Brighton, Richmond, Hawthorn and Bangholme

As a fulltime Fire Fighter for around 20 years and a Volunteer Fire Fighter for 22 years I have firsthand experiences of what happens when things go wrong.

Prior to joining the Express Test and Tag Team, I was a National Safety Manager. This role gave me a very good insight and understanding of the Legislation, Acts, Regulations, and Australian Standards, Etc. Originally with an electronics background I am very well qualified and suited to test all your electrical equipment.

After Hours options are available