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Test And Tag Kewdale

Hi, my name is Wasim and I am from Express Test and Tag Kewdale. I am local to the area, having lived here for over 10 years, it is important to me that my community consist of workplaces that are safe from electrical injuries.

We provide domestic and workplace electrical safety testing, commonly known as Test and Tag, to ensure that your workplace is safe for all of your employees, clients, and visitors. We make sure that all electrical equipment and RCD’s are inspected, tested and tagged on a regular basis. We also provide Plug Top replacements and 3 Phase equipment testing and tagging.

Testing and Tagging will drastically reduce the chances of a costly electrical accident that could be fatal and may not be covered by insurance. All workplace must ensure their electrical appliances and tools are tested and tagged for safety compliance. All our services meet the Electrical Safety Standards of AS/NZS 3760:2010 and AS/NZS 3012:2010.

If you are looking for reliable, honest and competent service do not look further, Express Test and Tag Kewdale is there for you. We provide you with a full report when the job is completed and we will maintain your test records and remind you two weeks before the tag expiry. All of our work is guaranteed and insured, giving you total peace of mind.

No matter what type of business or industry you are in; whether it’s large or small, contact Express Test & Tag today to take the headache and stress out of your electrical test and tag compliance.

So sit back, relax and Get it Expressed.

We provide testing and tagging for all portable and fixed electrical items within the home and office, Plug top replacement and 3 Phase testing. We also carry spare Extension leads, Power boards, Surge protectors, PRCD’s,  Plug tops and Sockets for all your unexpected needs.

Express Test and Tag Kewdale services are available in the Welshpool, Kewdale, Queens Park and Carlisle. We also provide on call service to all other Perth Metro areas.

Test & Tag is a workplace compliance service and always in demand we are looking for new franchisees for this growing and demanding market, please feel free to enquire for a new franchise.