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Test And Tag Mount St John

Welcome to Express Test and Tag, where your safety is our priority.

Are you placing yourself and or your employees and customers at risk of receiving an electric shock or personal injury from using the electrical appliances on your premises ?

There is a legal obligation on the responsible person to ensure that all the electrical appliances on the premises are in a safe working order.

Our mission is to provide you with the best value electrical appliance testing service available

We can provide this service with no or little disruption to your daily business operation.
Call us to discuss a time that best suits your operation.

Our services include:

  • A visual inspection of all electrical appliances, power-boards and electrical leads to identify any problems or defects.
  • Items failing the visual inspection will be recorded and tagged out of service.
  • Electrical testing of the items, with a Portable Appliance Tester, to ensure the items are electrically safe and comply with the minimum requirements of the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760:2010
  • Tests include; earth leakage, current leakage, insulation resistance, polarity testing and Prcd tests.
  • Microwave radiation leakage testing is also provided
  • Items failing the electrical tests will be recorded and tagged out of service.
  • Test compliance tags will be fixed to the appliances passing the tests.
  • A computer generated report will be presented, with the test results of each item recorded.
  • We will also notify you when the appliances are due for their next safety compliance tests

Our technicians are fully trained, and licensed with the Queensland Electrical Safety Office.
We are also covered by Public Liability insurance.

Contact us now on 1300EXPRESS to arrange a time for us to visit your premises and to provide you with a no obligation free quote.

Test and Tag North Townsville covers the following areas:
Mount St John, Mount Louisa, Bohle, Garbutt, Townsville, North Ward, Railway Estate