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Test And Tag Ormiston

Hi we are Lee & Glenn Schultz from Express Test & Tag Ormiston and CBD Brisbane.

Express Test & Tag Ormiston are a local family run business that has operated in Bayside and CBD Brisbane for almost 30 years.

Express Test & Tag Ormiston also get involved in all our community events and make a point to support local businesses.

Also supporting cancer foundation, RSPCA and Asthma.

We provide authorised test and tag services for any electrical equipment in Brisbane as per legislation requirement in Queensland.

Use your equipment with the confidence in knowing it is safe!

We have the most competitive price in this field so you can say goodbye to the $25 per tag price!

We start from only $2.95 – $4.95 per tag at the most!

We know how important your equipment is and we provide an interrupted service always!

We also reterminate and repair faulty equipment,  helping you save time and money when buying new gear or replacing gear!

The items that we are able to test and tag are as follows:

Microwaves, computers and monitors, printers, faxes, copiers, powertools, extension leads, power boards, vacuums, portable air conditioners, lamps, charges, RDCS and more.