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Test And Tag Pemulwuy

Why test and tag?
Electrical testing and tagging is part of the electrical safety act under OH&S. It ensures all portable electrical items are electricity safe in accordance with the AS/NZ standards. All Express Test and Tag Fairfield operators are fully compliant and certified in-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment standard

These items may be:

  • New to service items.
  • Is already in service.
  • Has been serviced or repaired.
  • Is returning to service from a second hand sale.
  • Is available for hire.

On site, each item is inspected for wear and tear and then tested with a PAT (Portable Appliance Tester) to ensure safety. All tests are recorded and an electronic report on the testing is sent in PDF format to you, the customer, and a file is created on our system ensuring full backup records.  We will automatically return when your next test and tag is due to keep your business compliant.

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