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Test and Tag Quakers Hill

Safety is at the forefront of all business and home owners minds, but often forgotten are electricals items! Have your electricals been tested and tagged against Australian WHS and Electrical Safety Standards? Express Test and Tag Quakers Hill are here to give you peace of mind and prevent any injury from happening in your workplace and home! We are fully insured, using only the best equipment. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, always ensuring that we are punctual and cause as little disruption to your workplace or home as possible. We understand how busy life can be, so we we’ll travel to your site at a time that is convenient.


Express Test and Tag Quakers Hill offer a premium service at an affordable price. There are no hidden costs or charges, and we offer no obligation free quotes.

At Express Test and Tag Quakers Hill, we test items in:

Higher risk operating environments


– Microwaves

– Kettle

– Toaster

– Other appliances

Meeting rooms

– Computers

– Printers

– Projectors


– Hair dryer

– Hair straightener

Lower risk operating environments

– General offices (permanently plugged in)

Fax machines

According to NSW Legal Requirements, testing and tagging needs to occur every:

3 months:

building, construction and demolition

6 months:

factories, warehouses, hairdresser, production

12 months:

any environment where the equipment/supply cord is prone to damage

If you have any queries about how often your items need to be tested and tagged, feel free to ask! We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Give yourself peace of mind and call 1300 Express today to book a service!