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Welcome to Express Test and Tag Thomastown, proudly part of Express Business Group.

Express Test and Tag offer a reliable, efficient, professional and cost-effective service.

About Electrical Testing and Tagging

All electrical appliances come with a safety risk which can be checked to ensure peace of mind by a professional test and tag service provider.  Express Test and Tag professionals test your electrical appliances using specialised equipment to ensure they are safe to use. Appliances that pass the test are then tagged to indicate its compliance with the current Electrical Safety Standards.

As one of the most important Workplace Health and Safety measures it is every employee’s legal right to be provided with a safe work environment. Thus the onus is on the employer to ensure satisfactory measures are taken to avoid hazardous consequences.

Electrocution, short circuits and fire are the basic results of negligence in use of electrical appliances which can be very easily overlooked at hospitals, education institutes, age care or, childcare centers, retail outlets and residential areas. The only way to ensure these risks are well-measured is to Test and Tag your appliances.

Why Express Test and Tag

Express Test and Tag is the best service provider in the market because we provide:

  • Electrical testing of the appliance using state-of-the-art test equipment.
  • Testing of single phase, three-phased appliances, leads, fire extinguishers and electrical exit signs.
  • Tagging of the appliances found to be electrically safe under AS/NZS 3760:2010 Standards.
  • Reliable reporting of all appliances tested and tagged whether found safe or unsafe.
  • A log of test results (inventory) of all appliances tested and the next test due date.
  • A visual check of appliances and leads.

Additional services offered include

  • Replacement of appliance/lead plug tops and sockets if found damaged or faulty.
  • Residual Current Device (RCD) and safety switch testing.
  • Microwave radiation leakage testing.

Why Express Test and Tag Thomastown

Express Test and Tag Thomastown is run and managed by Ali a local resident of Thomastown. My vision of joining Express Business Group is to priorities provision of peace of mind to electrical appliances users. I have been professionally trained and qualified as Test and Tag Officer by the Express Business Group. My work is insured by public liability insurance and I hold a current First Aid certificate.

I believe that efficiency brings satisfaction to customers and success to my business.

For an obligation free and timely quote please call Ali on below number!

Express Test and Tag – Thomastown

1300EXPRESS (1300 397 737)